Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm a Wus

Things that have made me cry in the last week or so:
- Glenfield Intermediate School prizegiving, the speeches from the teachers & the college heads Samyson getting the performance cup (even though I knew he was getting it)
- Windy Ridge graduation - right from the karakia welcome to the speeches & seeing all the familiar faces of parents that the kids have gone thru school with knowing that now Siobhan has left that is the end of my involment in the school. Siobhan looked so pretty & grown up = tears, the reading recovery teacher retiring = tears
- Siobhans school report, she is noted as "below expected level"  in maths & reading (although she is now reading at her age). But the best bit was she got "A" in every subject for effort, plus in the other categories were all either "consistantly" or "usually", not one "developing".
- Samysons report, B for effort, above average for all subjects and the comments that are usually not so good relating to his stroppiness etc were almost non existant.
- teling the kids how proud I was of their reports
- watching U Choose 40 & seeing the video to the John Lennon Christmas song (Samyson even got teary at that one)

I am sure there has been more. I think I need a holiday.