Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Birthday & Show Week

Gosh I am so slack at updating.

Anyway, last Monday was my birthday. I said I didn't want any presents & that is exactly what I got (except for a bottle of wine from Doris). Instead I had my hair cut & went shopping. I finally bought 3 new pairs of jeans as I have none that fit me and the whole losing weight to get into them thing ain't happening. I also bought a really lovely dress that actually cost me more than 3 pair of jeans, 1 top & the cost of shortening 2 pair of the jeans "gulp".

Gary & I went out for lunch, I met Doris for a wine while Meg was at singing & Gary & the kids cooked me dinner.

I got lots of Facebook messages. I had the day off work & some of the girls Samyson goes to school with popped in on the way home to give me a hug & say happy Birthday which was really sweet. Also on Tuesday it was Vicky one of the other NYTC Mums birthday, the kids had rehearsal so she had asked a few of us to go & have a drink so she made it a double celebration. When I went to pick Samyson up after rehearsal Cole who is one of his NYTC friends came & gave me a hug & said happy birthday so I was feeling quite happy.

Last Friday the "Committee" Mums (our kids do NYTC & Variety Voices together), had Thanksgiving Dinner at Doris & Martins, it was a first for most of us & it was a really lovely night with turkey, candied yams & pumpkin pie - Yummy!! They are such a lovely bunch of women & I really enjoy meeting up with them.

This week is Show Week - Camp Rock 2. Because I am the only one at work this week I could not take the time off to work back stage so I am helping Vicki in the Public cafe on Friday night, running the cafe on Saturday afternoon & as Samyson is lead on Saturday night I don't have to do anything else. I actually almost feel a bit guilty as I am usually backstage on props and or set and or anything else that needs doing. It also means that as Siobhan is in one of the younger groups & is not a lead I can go & pick her up when her group is dismissed between 5 & 8 depending on the night instead of her having to hang around til 10.30 when Samysons group is dismissed.

I went to pick Samyson up a bit early last night & snuck into the theatre to watch the rehearsal & I have to say it is looking really good, lots of energy & the kids look like they are having fun, I can,'t wait to see Samyson play Nate on Saturday night.

Work is mental busy but at least we are getting paid at the moment, we had a few weeks where we just didn't have the money so were not paid or paid a few days late, it looks like we might actually get caught up on that this week too. I think all up I am owed either 1 or 1 1/2 weeks wages so that will be nice, especially since I got my credit card bill yesterday - not pretty.

I really should aim to update once a week since the whole point of this blog is so I can read back & see what has been happening.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So far today ...

- slept in
- feeling fat & having a bad hair day
- kids argued all morning
- traffic was crap
- shoes are uncomfortable
- husband got shitty because he rang & wanted me to look at something on Trade Me to see if he had won it I couldn't find it cos he called it something else
- vege pie for lunch was mediocre
- uncomfortable shoe broke
- husband still shitty cos he couldn't find where to pick u p said trade Me stuff
- smacked my elbow on car door getting into car after mediocre vege pie
- played Whirly Words on iphone to take mind off elbow pain - feel car sick

And it is not even 3 o'clock, at a guess the rest of the day will pan out like this:
- husband still in a shitty with me cos he is an idiot who cannot read a freakin map or program a Navman
- feet will hurt walking barefoot down long drive to car
- whatever I cook for dinner will elicit complaint from between 1 & 3 members of the family
- husband will either forget to take son to rehearsal or son won't remind him & I will have to take him & somehow it will be MY fault he is late
- traffic will be crap

Anyway, I have wine at home!!

In other news, Samyson at 14 started shaving about 3 weeks ago, he needed to but I have been putting off, finally we had to so something about it so Gary showed him what to do, I thought about getting photos but didn't really want to distract them whilst holding sharp razors. So far he has shave about 3 times & no cuts.

Siobhan at 11 got her first period. First she got PMS - what a hell week that was, of course we didn't realise until her period arrived that it was PMS. She actually handled it amazingly well, she was reasonably prepared & didn't freak out at all. She asked heaps of questions, mostly from a practical point of view rather then an exact explanation of why etc.

Nothing much else, Samyson performed in a Showcase for one of his friends, she had to do something for a school project, so Jess decided to put on a show. About 10 of them got together & sang a couple of solo songs, a few group numbers & it was a great hit.

School holidays, both kids did All Starts in the second week, it was fun show at the end of it.

Work busy but money really tight (I haven't gotten paid for 2 out of the last 4 weeks).

Since the point of me doing a blog was to keep a bit of a record of what happens in our busy but not exciting lives I really should try to update more regularly.