Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Well I am a crap Blogger

Forgive me Blog, it has been many months since my last post.

Quite a lot has happened as you can imagine.

Mamma Mia was a great success, Samyson loved every minute of it and made a heap of great friends.
He went to Disneyland and performed there with Funky Feet Dance school.
He auditioned and got a role in Next to Normal which has just finished its season. Only 6 in the cast.
He has been asked to audition for Sweeney Todd.
Applied for Discretionary entry to AUT and was accepted so he is off to Uni next year, instead of doing year 13, to do a Bachelor of Business and Arts.

Was selected to participate in Project K. Was told a few days before they go off on a 3 week camp where they tramped, kayaked and biked. Was the best thing to happen for her, she came back happier, heaps of confidence.
As per of Project K she has a mentor for 12 months, her Mentor Natasha is lovely and has been helping with her maths, comes to see her in shows.
She decided to do NYTC's Little Mermaid, show week in 2 weeks - the same time as her bloody exams!
She is doing better at school, she works so hard to achieve. She got second in Food Tech for her Orange Curd tart.

Gary finally did something positive about his sky high blood pressure, we changed his diet and he goes out walking most nights and has cut down on his drinking - not enough but working on that one still. He is much better to live with - the kids refer to him as "New Dad". He is less angry, more fun to be around.

An issue that arose just before last Christmas is still ongoing. I keep hoping common sense and truth will prevail bit instead it looks like a court hearing will be involved, probably not until February.           $ 40,000 for a lawyer just because of someone else's lies.

I should post more often so I can look back and see what has been going on.

Off to a Seafood Cooking class tonight with Doris - looking forward to that.

Whole family is going to Avenue Q tomorrow and then to Ruthless next week. Busy times :-)