Thursday, March 7, 2013

Stupid scales

So I am almost at the end of week 4, almost a month of regular diet & exercise, for me that is a record.

I have no idea how much weight I have lost because I had to buy new scales, I knew the old ones were dodgy but they were so inconsistant that you could weigh numerous times and get a completely different reading each time. Briscoes were having a sale - I know, what a surprise - so I bought a new set of scales, unfortunately they weigh heavier than the old ones so on paper, in a month I have lost ... 200g.

Luckily I had to do my measurements and this week was the week to update, those results were very pleasing, 8.5cm from my waist (well where it should be was I not so pudgy) and 4cm of my bust, 1cm off each thigh and I haven't done my arms yet since I need Siobhan to help with that one.

The brother in law & his girlfriend arrived yesterday, umm - I don't think I like her. I am sure I will get used to her. Not sure if it was the huge belch after taking a glug of her coke or the cleaning between her teeth with a piece of cardboard whilst sitting in the lounge - classy NOT. I know most of us have some less than delightful habits but most of us tend to at least wait until we know someone before breaking them out.

Anyway they are only here for 4 (looong) nights.

I have heaps to do tomorrow, the usual shopping, Samyson has to be at the hairdresser at 11 then up to Orewa for 12.30 and then I have to go to a meeting for Alice In Wonderland at 2 so sadly I won't be home much.

Sunday I am doing Round The Bays which will kill most of the morning, Samyson has rehearsal so I think I will resurrect wine with Lisa to keep me out of the house. Middle of the day I will help Siobhan with her homework.

Really not in the mood to work today BUT, it must be done I suppose.