Thursday, June 30, 2011

Busy Days

It seems at the moment there is no time to rest, one or other of the kids seem to have to be picked up and/or dropped off somewhere, shopping, housework, washing etc etc.

The week before last we had a pick up or drop off or something to attend every night. In all fairness it was the year 13 play for which Samyson was on the lighting team so a couple of the pick  ups were just to get him after school as they had rehearsals and it was dark so I didn't want him walking home.

This weekend:
- Friday Gary drops Samyson at the mall where he will catch a bus to town with Alika, they will grab some dinner & then head to the Stage Challenge (luckily Alikas mum is bringing them home), Siobhan has a hair appointment at 4.15 which Gary will drop her at then pick her up when she is finished.
- Saturday I get to drop Siobhan at school at 7.30, she is going to a Chinese Cultural festival, I will go the the 8am yoga class (may as well make the most of being up so stupidly early), then I will go to the gym. Home, showered & changed Gary & I are going out for lunch (thanks to Montieths $ 50 voucher), shopping in the afternoon, pick Siobhan up from school then off to friends for dinner.
- Sunday I intend not to do a damn thing,  I would like to try & read for a few hours and will probably end up doing insurance policy analysis for a couple of hours woo hoo.

I have been checking on the Landcheck website for Christchurch, every house I grew up in is in the red zone, they will all be demolished. I just read today that one of the hotels I spent many (way too many) evenings at listening to bands will be demolished. Because I grew up in the Eastern suburbs and spent most weekends in the city it is really weird to think pretty much none of it is going to be there. It is not just the places I lived but friends houses, my Godmothers house, the house I baby sat 4 kids in almost every Saturday night for 18 months or so when I was 15. I am supposed to be going down there in a couple of months for a week or so but to be honest I am not looking forward to it. I will go though because I know Mum is finding it hard, the 13 June quake seems to be the straw that broke the camels back. I wonder if Mum & Dad would like to spend a couple of days in Timaru or Hamner - can relive some childhood memories there instead.

Having one of those can't be arsed working days today, I think after spending several hours yesterday writing Financial Advisor disclosure documents my brain is just over it. Still heaps to do so I should stop procrastinating and get on with it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My beautiful daughter

Today as I took Siobhan to netball she was in tears because she is being teased at school, apparantly her hair sticks up & she has pimples! She daid she is ugly & funny looking. It was really hard not to cry myself, she is the sweetest most caring wee thing and she is beautiful.

It looks like I have some self esteem issues to deal with, it breaks my heart to hear her think she is anything less than fantastic.

On the positive side, she had a great game at netball & got player of the day, that went some way to making her feel a bit happier.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

About time to updat

I have not really been the most committed blogger (I read everyone elses then forget to write my own).

- Doing great at school, is making friends & the work I have seen her produce is definately improving.
- Got her her first bra a couple of weeks ago Yikes! She is only 11!!
- She is captain of her netball team, she was so excited and very very proud of herself, we are also very proud, she tries really hard, does not miss a practice or a game.
- She is becoming more & more independent, she loves to help in the kitchen & often kicks me out insisting she can do stuff herself.

- Constantly getting excellent results at school.
- Auditioned & got accepted into Variety Voices which is the new youth choir associated with Variety Club. They are aligned with Cadbury's at the moment as a part of the "Sounds of Joy" campaign. Samyson & 6 others have been selected to be in the studio on Friday to record some of the sounds for the final cut of the song then the 13-18 year olds are performing at Sylvia Park Mall form 12-1, he has a lead part in the song.

- Gary went to Christchurch the weekend before last. He came home on the Monday & by all accounts was lucky he did get home, firstly there was the ash cloud from Chile which grounded all but Air NZ flights - usually we fly Jetstar but he manage to get cheaper Air NZ ones when he booked. Then, there were 2 more earthquakes on the Monday a few hours after he left. I had actually considered extending his stay by a few days but a large credit card bill changed my mind - thank goodness.
- Mum & Dad felt the earthquakes, Mums nerves are a bit shattered & I think she feels a bit guilty that they have really had no damage yet others are living in appalling conditions & having to shovel liquefaction from their homes for the umpteenth time.  Dad is a taxi driver & it is pretty dire for them, not much work at all, then chuck in a bloody ash cloud and hardly any flights in or out (he is one of the airport drivers & they pay a fortune to be allowed to do this).
- I am supposed to be going to visit them for a week later in the year, unless the earthquake lessen significantly I don't know if I will be going, Siobhan is already telling me she doesn't want me to go.