Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm knackered

As always post show week I am buggered. I have spent the week trying to catch up on all the work (home & work) that fell by the wayside last week.

Samyson wants to go to the set burning bonfire tonight but I really can't be bothered, consequently he is going to be pissed off because apparantly EVERYONE is going & he will be the only one not there etc etc etc. Sometimes drama kids can be so - well - dramatic!!

Anyway I am going home, having a glass of wine & pasta for tea (the others are having American hot dogs). I am not going to help reorganise the store room & I am not going to the bonfire.

A nice quiet relaxing weekend is on the cards :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Show Week

Well the last week & a bit has been flat out. It is what we call "show week". The kids are involved in NYTC which is the National Youth Theatre Company. They perform 2 kids musical shows a year (along with holiday programmes). Basically the week of the shows, they have rehearsals & are in theatre for a week and as a parent helper in the props department, that also means me.

The week went something like this:

Sat 15 May
Kids at rehearsal from 1-6.30 so Gary & I did some shopping & went out for lunch. That night we had a work dinner at TriBeCa in Parnell. Sue played driver (dropped us off, picked kids up then picked us up later).

Sun 16 May
Kids at rehearsal 1-4.30, more housework & shopping. had an egg sandwich at about 4pm for lunch (yes this is important).

Mon 17 May
I was SICK!!!! Bloody egg sandwich. I will spare the gory details, suffice to say both ends going & serious stomach cramps. Gary ended up taking the day off work to look after me (awwww). He got the kids to school & then to theatre at 3.30 for rehearsal, he then had to pick them up at 8.45.

Tues 18 May
Still felt like crap but went to work since I am already having a heap of time off for the show. Left early & took Samyson to Bruce Mason Theatre for Glenfields Got Talent Show then Siobhan & I went to Portofino in Takapuna for dinner. It is nowhere near as nice as Devonport, we shared the most boring Maguerita pizza. Anyway the GHT show was pretty good, Samyson was great in the play they did. I was really disappointed that he did not sing in the band, he was one of the dancers (he was good but I don't get to hear him sing very often).

Wed 19 May
Work for a couple of hours in the morning then to theatre by 12.30 with the kids. Get there to find that as usual, no one has a clue. Supposed to do a full run thru without stopping (minimal stopping anyway) - did not happen and then because they had to let the younger group go they changed the order of the scenes so we have no idea what the cues are for the scene changes or if we are missing any props etc. Got home about 8, hoping that they do a second run thru with the leads & the older groups - people are actually paying to come to the show at 9.45 Thursday. Everyone stressed & Jan who is the props manager feeling sick.

Thurs 20 May
Arrive at theatre at 8.30am (not bad considering it is raining & peak hour traffic). We run thru our pre set list & other notes & hope like hell we don't completely cock up. They did a better run thru last night but still a couple of scenes not run & we have no idea of our cues.

We ran the first show & we ROCKED. It was really good for a first show better than some where everyone was better organised. Second show went well. I was supposed to go into work but Siobhan not well (I have been dosing her with cough meds, panadol, breath easy etc so much so one of the dressing room Mums thought I was the nurse). Home to relax, the last early night for a while.

Fri 21 May
Theatre at 8.30 again (I don't do mornings!!). 2 school shows, again went really well. No time to go home in between shows as planned since they have decided to call them back early!!! I was supposed to Pick Gary up & get a change of clothes as we are going to Avenue Q & I am dressed in manky black & running shoes. He ends up not coming because when he got home the front door was wide open, it looks like someone tried to break in so he had to fix that. Fed the kids at the food hall & dropped them at theatre and hit the shops. farmers for a new top, eyeliner, mascara, deoderant and some silver bracelets & Hannahs for a pair of boots, a quick change in the loo at McDonalds and just in time to meet the others for dinner at Eliot Stables.

Avenue Q finished in time to pick the kids up from Aotea after their show & off home & to bed.

Sat 22 May
Ahhh, a bit of a sleep in, we don't have to be at theatre until 12.30. Let the kids relax & phoned Samyson at 11.15 to double check it was 12.30 & not 12 call time - it was 11.30 call time!!!!!! rushed home, sent a text to say we are running late & rushed off to theatre. Luckily the kids threw together their food and were ready when I got home.

Show did not go so well, my pirates got their cue but the person they got their cue off was too early so the whole scene was a bit of a mess, then I could not unplug the dresser (Sam had been doing that & I did not realise there was a button!!!!), my fault I should have checked before the show to make sure I could do it.

Picture this, the show was Peter Pan the musical, we have the nursery. Peter Pan, Wendy, John & Michael are about to depart for Neverland by flying, the maid Eliza enters just in time to see them flying away, she faints, spotlights on the flying while the Nursery scene is changed to Neverland with the help of some pirates (I assume to give a hint of what's to come). Unfortunately, the flyers were slow taking off so Peter Pan etc are still on the ground, Eliza instead of winging it still gives her line "Oh My" & faints which is the cue for the pirates to come in & start he scene change & the Nursery walls to start moving - what we ended up with was Eliza fainting for no apparant reason (since no one was flying, Peter Pan et al were still standing in the Nursery) & the nursery being invaded by pirates who then had to stand there like lemmings until the nursery walls moved so they could get the beds out. Then, because I cocked up my bit, we have neverland with a Dolls house & a dresser sitting it it until they get wheeled into the wings - Epic fail!!!

Gala night then the final show which went fantastic & the kids stayed & helped pack up the props so we got home about 12.30am. My feet & my back were killing me.

Sun 22 May
Everyone just blobbed today, kids grumpy. Gary & I went fruit & vege shopping - that was it.

So this week back to some sort of normality and catching up with everything at work. Samyson off school yesterday and thankfully Carolann looked after him so I was not distracted at work.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Introducing Me

Firstly, Thank You Lynda & Anne for your comments.

I thought I started reading blogs a couple of years ago but then I read a comment on one I read regularly who mentioned her daughter as being almost 6 - I was reading her blog well before she got pregnant!!

Anyway, about me.

I originally hail from Christchurch, I moved to Auckland for work for a couple of year, that was about 20 years ago :-).

I am married to Gary who moved to Auckland to be with me, we met when I was 12 (we have not been together all that time). We have 2 fantastic kids, Samyson who is 12 going on 18 and Siobhan who is 10. They are involved in kids musical theatre which takes a heap of time. Siobhan also plays netball at school.

I work for an insurance broker, I started there about 10 years ago and now own 5% of the company, I love it, the people I work with are fantastic & most of our clients are pretty cool - some of them are a little more challenging than others :-).

Well, I am not sure what else to say, I am not used to talking about mememe. I guess as I post (which I will try to do regularly) you will all get to know more about me. I am hoping this blog will serve as something I can refer back to to remind me of good times, bad times & generally what is going on. When I work out how I will post some photos.

Have a great day.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

I guess usually a first blog entry would be the "who am I" sort of thing but I want to get this one down before I forget it all.

Sunday was a fantastic Mothers Day! I knew the kids were up to something when they were locked in Siobhans room for hours on Saturday, appearing only to grab recipe books or other mysterious things.

I had to write a list for Siobhan so she knew what I wanted, so I wrote a massage voucher, bubble bath, hugs, kisses & lunch after Yoga.

The morning started with breakfast in bed consisting of baked eggs (2), hash browns (8!!!), muffins (2) and a smoothie. Gary was despatched to the supermarket - without having his morning coffee - to get the rest of the ingredients for the day.

My presents were the requested massage voucher and the bubble bath plus they had made me a trophy which read "Best Mum" that was so cool and the final present was a tin with "20 hug coupon, 20 kiss coupon & 1 special coupon". The special coupon read "Leave me the F*#@ Alone" - priceless they know me so well, apparantly I am only allowed to use it once and the hugs & kisses coupons can only be used on them - I had such plans too :-).

As I rushed out the door to Yoga I was handed a homemade "croissant"' .

Lunch was homemade tomato soup (they forgot to make the toast bit never mind :-)

Did I mention the kids also tidied up the kitchen & washed the dishes!

After rehearsals I cooked roast pork & veges for dinner. The kids ran me a bubble bath (not sure if they actually used any cold water) complete with candles, essential oils, bubble bath, radio and a glass of wine - total bliss once I could actually get in there without 3rd degree burns.

After the bath it was an ice cream Sundae made by the kids of course - I think I packed on about 2 kilos with all the food I was fed.

The final surprise, and the bit they were the most excited about - candles in the lounge, they put on the song the "Joys of Motherhood" from Honk & handed me an envelope with a whole lot of their baby photos in.

I was so touched at how much effort they had put into the whole day for me, completely unprompted in fact I tell them not to make too much fuss or spend too much money.

It is days like that I need to remember on those days when I want to wring their necks.

Well my first post is a bit of a ramble but it was such a special day I wanted to capture it. In the next few days I will try and do a post more about who I am.