Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm knackered

As always post show week I am buggered. I have spent the week trying to catch up on all the work (home & work) that fell by the wayside last week.

Samyson wants to go to the set burning bonfire tonight but I really can't be bothered, consequently he is going to be pissed off because apparantly EVERYONE is going & he will be the only one not there etc etc etc. Sometimes drama kids can be so - well - dramatic!!

Anyway I am going home, having a glass of wine & pasta for tea (the others are having American hot dogs). I am not going to help reorganise the store room & I am not going to the bonfire.

A nice quiet relaxing weekend is on the cards :-)


Chris H said...

Enjoy the weekend chick. Kids... demanding little B*%%ers eh? *sigh*

Anne said...

Glass of wine sounds good, I reckon after today I'm ready for one!

Have a great weekend:-)

Sue said...

How was Avenue Q?