Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

There is really nothing zI can say, yesterday at 12.51pm a devastating earthquake hit my home town. The inner city is all but destroyed, but the worst and most horrific thing is the loss of many many lives, there are, more then 24 hours later still hundreds missing.

Mum & Dad were in Hamner, which I found out after trying to call them for ages.

Garys family are fine, some property damage but it doesn't matter, they are fine.

We offered to have them come up here but at this stage they are staying put.

I feel so helpless and wish there was something practical to do. Watching the TV footage and reading the updates makes me feel ill. Samyson made me turn the TV off this morning because I was in tears watching the footage.

It is still so unreal.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Robinson Kids

How cool are my kids & my niece & nephew....

On the Friday before they went home I got home to find a card on my chair from the 4 kids thanking me for taking them places & doing stuff with them when I came home from work at night and for not being cranky even though it was sometimes difficult (their words). They gave me a bunch of flowers & had bough me a bag & some chocolates. They all did this off their own bat & with their own money.

I was so impressed what good kids :-)

I took them all to Rainbows End the next day & they had a ball although Siobhan didn't like a couple of the rides, she did get back on one of the scary ones so I was really proud of her.

I was sorry to see them go but it was nice to have my house back.

Gary was away this weekend so I took the kids to Lone Star on Thursday night for dinner, we had homemade smoked chicken pizza on Friday & roast chicken last night (Gary doesn't eat chicken so we don't have it very often).

I took the kids to Pokeno yesterday to get some meat, they of course had ice cream & we looked around the market & bought a few veges & other bits & pieces, all in all a nice way to spend a morning.

Best I get back to work now.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Off to Intermediate

Siobhans first day at intermediate yesterday.

She was a bit nervous in the morning but when we pulled into the street where the school was she saw some of her friends, 2 of whom are in her class this year so she felt better. Khan from next door met her at her classroom after school & showed her where to catch the bus & when to pull the bell to get off.

She looks so grown up.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Baby is at college

My boy started college today, he is pretty excited. He told me he wasn't nervous but I noticed that when I dropped him off he kept spotting people he knew and sounding rather relieved.

He has started the year with a great attitude, he wants to work hard & get A passes in all his subject so he can hopefully get scholarships when it comes time to leave, he is also looking forward to taking advantage of the extra carricular stuff such as theatresports & the comedy school.

We started the morning off with him & I going for a 20 minute walk and having breakfast together.

Tomorrows instalment - Siobhan goes to intermediate.....