Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Robinson Kids

How cool are my kids & my niece & nephew....

On the Friday before they went home I got home to find a card on my chair from the 4 kids thanking me for taking them places & doing stuff with them when I came home from work at night and for not being cranky even though it was sometimes difficult (their words). They gave me a bunch of flowers & had bough me a bag & some chocolates. They all did this off their own bat & with their own money.

I was so impressed what good kids :-)

I took them all to Rainbows End the next day & they had a ball although Siobhan didn't like a couple of the rides, she did get back on one of the scary ones so I was really proud of her.

I was sorry to see them go but it was nice to have my house back.

Gary was away this weekend so I took the kids to Lone Star on Thursday night for dinner, we had homemade smoked chicken pizza on Friday & roast chicken last night (Gary doesn't eat chicken so we don't have it very often).

I took the kids to Pokeno yesterday to get some meat, they of course had ice cream & we looked around the market & bought a few veges & other bits & pieces, all in all a nice way to spend a morning.

Best I get back to work now.


Rachel said...

What cool kids!!!

Anne said...

LOL - my kids are the Robinson kids as well! They are cool too!

Chris H said...

What lovely kids. Perhaps they need to talk to my 6 big ones, most of mine don't do a bloody thing for me, but expect the world from me. *sigh*

Sue said...

It's so lovely to be appreciated.