Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Baby is at college

My boy started college today, he is pretty excited. He told me he wasn't nervous but I noticed that when I dropped him off he kept spotting people he knew and sounding rather relieved.

He has started the year with a great attitude, he wants to work hard & get A passes in all his subject so he can hopefully get scholarships when it comes time to leave, he is also looking forward to taking advantage of the extra carricular stuff such as theatresports & the comedy school.

We started the morning off with him & I going for a 20 minute walk and having breakfast together.

Tomorrows instalment - Siobhan goes to intermediate.....


Anne said...

He looks so grown up!! Hope he had a great first day!

Chris H said...

Wow... is he allowed such long hair at his college then? Our boys went to Palmerston North Boy's High and they were not allowed into school unless they had short back and sides! Literally!!!!

Tracy said...

Anne - Thanks, he even sometimes acts grown up. My favourite photo of him is one I took one night when he was asleep cuddling his childhood teddy bear.

Chris H - the hair has to be above collar length although I am expecting them to ask him to at least cut the fringe which will be good because he tends to keep flicking it out of his face when he is performing.