Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nice weekend away

Last Saturday we had our annual work lunch (it was supposed to be dinner but we left the booking too late) at Tribeca in Parnell. We use it as an excuse to celebrate all our birthdays & Christmas in one hit rather than a whole lot of cheap meals during the year. It was as usual a fantastic meal & there were 8 of us we all  had a ball & lots of laughs. If you ever want a special meal out I totally recommend this place, it is fine dining & not cheap but always fantastic food & service.

The food is divine and we had a great time, Sue very kindly picked the kids up from home & got them to Allstars then picked them up after the show and took them home, she stayed the night at our place so Gary & I could stay the night in a motel (got to love  We were not really very hungry & decided to have dinner at the motel were staying at, it was not too bad but was much better when we didn't get charged for it :-).

On the Friday we went to the Allstars show which is the show the kids put on after a week long NYTC  school holiday programme of musical theatre training. It is always a good laugh and some of the kids are so talented. This time Samyson got his solo song in (they all do an audition piece either a solo or in a group which they work on during the week & perform in the show), he also had several speaking parts & featured as lead in a few of the group numbers, he was wrapt and performed really well. Conversely Siobhan did not want to do an audition piece (it is not compulsory) and she got 2 singing lines and about 4 speaking lines - she was also wrapt - talk about chalk & cheese, those 2 are so different. In the group numbers Siobhan was much more confident than she usually was and her dancing had improved heaps.

Back to school this week & the tornado was the talk of the day on Tuesday, Samyson goes to Glenfield College which is one of the places it hit and Siobhans school bus goes past there so she got caught up in it all as well. Luckily no one was hurt but I was so pleased when they both got home as I was at work on the other side of town & could not get there. There was talk of the Harbour Bridge being shut but they didn't. Our friend Mike was waiting outside the school to pick his daughter up & when it hit, he reversed his truck as far back as he could because the pine cones were raining down onto his windscreen, he no sooner moved & a large tree came down right where he had been parked!!

Hoping for a quiet weekend this time, friends for dinner on Saturday, yoga on Sunday morning & I really need to do some housework, the place is a mess.