Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake

There is really nothing zI can say, yesterday at 12.51pm a devastating earthquake hit my home town. The inner city is all but destroyed, but the worst and most horrific thing is the loss of many many lives, there are, more then 24 hours later still hundreds missing.

Mum & Dad were in Hamner, which I found out after trying to call them for ages.

Garys family are fine, some property damage but it doesn't matter, they are fine.

We offered to have them come up here but at this stage they are staying put.

I feel so helpless and wish there was something practical to do. Watching the TV footage and reading the updates makes me feel ill. Samyson made me turn the TV off this morning because I was in tears watching the footage.

It is still so unreal.


Ute said...

I've been watching it on the TV for most of the day. The destruction is just unbelieveable.

So glad you are Ok, and your family too. Stay safe. We're all thinking of you over here. xox

Anne said...

Devastating news. Can't imagine what it is like for them. Pleased your family are ok.

Dad and Mom said...

Half a world away in the US we are all thinking of you and your family

Chris H said...

I only turn the tv on now to see what the toll is. It's so very sad.
Glad your family members are OK.