Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Earthquake update

Mum & Dad arrived home on Saturday to see what sort of damage has been done .... 1 broken wine glass!!! That's it, a few things fell over but only the wine glass broke (and it is not one they ever use anyway). Talk about lucky.

I spoke to them last night Dad says it is really quiet and almost no work for him (he is a taxi driver), he has had to apply for the Government assistance because no work means no income, that is what worries me with them now but I can help out if need be, and if they let me.

Mum managed to get hold of Val my Godmother, her house was very badly damaged in the first quake & is much worse this time, she has no power or water & is staying with her cousin in Rangiora. She is not sure if her house can be saved, she lives in Avonside. Mum also got hold of Glenys because she couldn't get any reply from Bet who is an elderly friend. Bets son Dixon & his wife Glenys are staying with one of their daughters as it looks like their house will go, they had managed to find a place in a rest home for Bet and Mum will go & visit her this week as it is close to where they live.

I read the reports and watch the news but I still cannot really fathom what it must be like, even for the lucky ones like Mum & Dad who suffered almost no damage, let alone those who have no jobs, no homes & in too many cases have family or friends who died or were badly injured. It almost seems wrong to be carrying on as normal. I was dropping a guy in the central city on Friday night and it was just a typical sunny Friday, people rushing to catch buses & trains, waiting in traffic jams, at the bar with work colleagues having a few drinks after work, it suddenly hit me that Christchurch will not be doing that, it almost seemed wrong.

Siobhan has donated $ 10 from her bank account, she wanted to donate $ 100 but Mum & Dad said it was too much for a wee girl & that $ 10 is very generous for her.

Anyway, as things do have to carry on as normal here I best get back to work.

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Anne said...

The earthquake is devastating. I've heard of a few people that have had substantial damage done to their homes, I know I really can't take in the extent of what they are all going through. Pleased your family are ok.

What a caring generous daughter you have:-)

I may email you re your comment about my house situation.