Thursday, March 3, 2011

Something positive

The last few days the kids have both come up with some quite surprising comments.

Firstly Samyson on Wednesday, he had Theatresports which ran til 4.30 & he intended to walk home but it was raining so he sent Gary a text to come & get him. Apparantly on the way home he told his Dad that he is quite glad he is not doing NYTC this show because he gets to hang out a bit more with his friends & also we get to do family stuff too. This from the kid who on Sunday was whinging because he didn't want to go out with us to the Zoo & MOTAT.

Because Samyson was going to be late home on Wednesday Siobhan had to walk to Garys work after school instead of catching the bus. She informed me the next day that "since Dad enjoyed the company" she is going to do that every Wednesday. This from the girl who went to school on Friday in tears because I did not have change for the bus so told her to go to her Dads work and she was upset because she couldn't hang out with her friends on the bus.

I love the fact that they enjoy spending time as a family and I also know it will not be long before they will be spending more & more time with their friends.

I have been spending some quality time with Samyson lately as we have been getting up & going for a walk 2 or 3 mornings a week, it is only about 20 minutes but it is nice spending that time with him, some mornings not much is said & others there is lots of chat.

Anyway this weekend is busy, I have to sort out some books to donate to a group having a garage sale raising funds for Christchurch, Gary wants to go to the Pascifika Festival, I have Samysons school shorts to pick up from the repairer, goodness knows how many loads of washing to do, Samyson to be dropped at his friends in Parnell at 5 on Saturday & presumably picked up either form there or the theatre (he is going to Forbidden Broadway his friend Megs sister Kate is in it). Sunday I am hoping to get to yoga, probabaly finish the washing I did not get done on Saturday & hopefully get some time to read.

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Chris H said...

Your kids sound lovely.
Have a great weekend.