Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fished as a part

Saturday night Samyson went to Forbidden Broadwaywith the Riegels. I dropped him off at their house at 5 & they took him out to dinner before the show.

At 7.28 I have the following text conversation with my 13 year old son:
S; I just had a shot. Lol
Me: Of what?
S: Lemon cream stuff
Me: I assume non alcoholic?

I didn't get a reply & thought nothing more of it, was quite confident the people he was with were not plying him with tequila shots or bottles of wine.

Anyway about 10.30 they drop him home, Meg gets out of the car giggling (perfectly normal for her), then Samyson gets out, stumbles between the cars & over to me at the door way slurring his words & hugging me saying "I love yooooou Mum' and falling at my feet. Doris leaps out of the car & says "I have to explain ..."

At that exact time Samyson was on the ground beside me & I farted (classy I know) - act over.

Poor Doris is trying to explain & the kids are pissing themselves laughing.

Apparantly the place they went for dinner provide a complimentary drink of Limoncello and cream at the end of the meal. She said there was only a tiny bit of Limocello in so she figured it wouldn't do the kids any harm*. She had no idea Samyson would text me then put on the drunken act so I would think he was trollied.

It was a brilliant act, poor Doris couldn't get out of the car fast enough to explain he was not in fact pissed he was just acting, I assured her I guessed Samyson was just playing around & that I a) had no problem with them having a wee drink like that at the end of a meal (all part of growing up & learning to be responsible), and b) I did not think for 1 minute they were plying him with hard liquor.

Sometimes that childs acting skill are too good.

* I would have made the exact same call with the teens and assured poor Doris of this.


Chris H said...

Ummmm.... were they eating at a public eatery?
If so while it's not illegal (with adult's permission) I would still NOT BE HAPPY that someone had given my CHILD alcohol... no matter how small a quantity.
Each to their own of course.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tracey, I was wondering if you had the "Broken Glass" recipe that you mentioned on Chris H blogg. I tried it years ago and always wanted the recipe. If you have can you post it please.