Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

I guess usually a first blog entry would be the "who am I" sort of thing but I want to get this one down before I forget it all.

Sunday was a fantastic Mothers Day! I knew the kids were up to something when they were locked in Siobhans room for hours on Saturday, appearing only to grab recipe books or other mysterious things.

I had to write a list for Siobhan so she knew what I wanted, so I wrote a massage voucher, bubble bath, hugs, kisses & lunch after Yoga.

The morning started with breakfast in bed consisting of baked eggs (2), hash browns (8!!!), muffins (2) and a smoothie. Gary was despatched to the supermarket - without having his morning coffee - to get the rest of the ingredients for the day.

My presents were the requested massage voucher and the bubble bath plus they had made me a trophy which read "Best Mum" that was so cool and the final present was a tin with "20 hug coupon, 20 kiss coupon & 1 special coupon". The special coupon read "Leave me the F*#@ Alone" - priceless they know me so well, apparantly I am only allowed to use it once and the hugs & kisses coupons can only be used on them - I had such plans too :-).

As I rushed out the door to Yoga I was handed a homemade "croissant"' .

Lunch was homemade tomato soup (they forgot to make the toast bit never mind :-)

Did I mention the kids also tidied up the kitchen & washed the dishes!

After rehearsals I cooked roast pork & veges for dinner. The kids ran me a bubble bath (not sure if they actually used any cold water) complete with candles, essential oils, bubble bath, radio and a glass of wine - total bliss once I could actually get in there without 3rd degree burns.

After the bath it was an ice cream Sundae made by the kids of course - I think I packed on about 2 kilos with all the food I was fed.

The final surprise, and the bit they were the most excited about - candles in the lounge, they put on the song the "Joys of Motherhood" from Honk & handed me an envelope with a whole lot of their baby photos in.

I was so touched at how much effort they had put into the whole day for me, completely unprompted in fact I tell them not to make too much fuss or spend too much money.

It is days like that I need to remember on those days when I want to wring their necks.

Well my first post is a bit of a ramble but it was such a special day I wanted to capture it. In the next few days I will try and do a post more about who I am.


Lynda said...

Yes please, more about who you are!! And what was the Annnnnnddddd.... left on my blog? I did update to say the place sold, was this what you were referring to?

Anne said...

So good to see you blogging! You've been a bit of mystery person but someone who's comments were always supportive and helpful.

Your kids sound wonderful:-)