Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Birthday & Show Week

Gosh I am so slack at updating.

Anyway, last Monday was my birthday. I said I didn't want any presents & that is exactly what I got (except for a bottle of wine from Doris). Instead I had my hair cut & went shopping. I finally bought 3 new pairs of jeans as I have none that fit me and the whole losing weight to get into them thing ain't happening. I also bought a really lovely dress that actually cost me more than 3 pair of jeans, 1 top & the cost of shortening 2 pair of the jeans "gulp".

Gary & I went out for lunch, I met Doris for a wine while Meg was at singing & Gary & the kids cooked me dinner.

I got lots of Facebook messages. I had the day off work & some of the girls Samyson goes to school with popped in on the way home to give me a hug & say happy Birthday which was really sweet. Also on Tuesday it was Vicky one of the other NYTC Mums birthday, the kids had rehearsal so she had asked a few of us to go & have a drink so she made it a double celebration. When I went to pick Samyson up after rehearsal Cole who is one of his NYTC friends came & gave me a hug & said happy birthday so I was feeling quite happy.

Last Friday the "Committee" Mums (our kids do NYTC & Variety Voices together), had Thanksgiving Dinner at Doris & Martins, it was a first for most of us & it was a really lovely night with turkey, candied yams & pumpkin pie - Yummy!! They are such a lovely bunch of women & I really enjoy meeting up with them.

This week is Show Week - Camp Rock 2. Because I am the only one at work this week I could not take the time off to work back stage so I am helping Vicki in the Public cafe on Friday night, running the cafe on Saturday afternoon & as Samyson is lead on Saturday night I don't have to do anything else. I actually almost feel a bit guilty as I am usually backstage on props and or set and or anything else that needs doing. It also means that as Siobhan is in one of the younger groups & is not a lead I can go & pick her up when her group is dismissed between 5 & 8 depending on the night instead of her having to hang around til 10.30 when Samysons group is dismissed.

I went to pick Samyson up a bit early last night & snuck into the theatre to watch the rehearsal & I have to say it is looking really good, lots of energy & the kids look like they are having fun, I can,'t wait to see Samyson play Nate on Saturday night.

Work is mental busy but at least we are getting paid at the moment, we had a few weeks where we just didn't have the money so were not paid or paid a few days late, it looks like we might actually get caught up on that this week too. I think all up I am owed either 1 or 1 1/2 weeks wages so that will be nice, especially since I got my credit card bill yesterday - not pretty.

I really should aim to update once a week since the whole point of this blog is so I can read back & see what has been happening.


Chris H said...

A belated Happy Birthday!
You sound awfully busy.. but if you are doing something you love it ain't that bad eh.

Hippygal said...

Have an awesome Christmas and fantastic new year :)