Thursday, April 28, 2011

Siobhans first proper sleepover...

Lasted 3 nights! I had a call at work from Siobhan asking if she could go to the movies & have a sleepover that night. After a few calls back & forth it was agreed so her Dad handed over his last $ 20 and Jasmines Dad picked her up. The next day they were going to Parakai & since they were staying til closing her friends Dad suggested she stayed again so I popped in to drop off some money. Sunday morning she called while I was at yoga & when I phoned back she wanted to stay for a third night so eventually I agreed & it was all organised. Needless to say she was a tired wee thing on Monday but she had a ball.

For her first ever sleepover at a friends it was a pretty marathon effort.

School holidays have been good, having Easter in the middle is great because I got to have a few days off also, not that we ended up doing much. This week the kids are at Allstars, Samyson got his solo song in the final show plus the "seasons of love" from Rent that a group of them put together at the last minute. Siobhan didn't want to do a solo piece this time but is having a ball regardless (she prefers to be in the background sometimes). Off to the show tomorrow so am looking forward to it. They have a Saturday matinee & a Saturday night show as well


Kate said...

I used to love those sorts of spontaneous sleepovers that went on and on. Awesome memories she will be making!

Ms Smack said...

Ah, it's a big first step for both of you, eh?

At 16, we now do sleep-over weekends!

I support a single parent who works night shift by taking her daughter (friend of my girls) here and there too.

It's great for two sets of parents who share the load.


Chris H said...

What a great sleepover!
I loved having the Easter holidays in the school holidays, it meant Stew was home for longer to help with all the kids.