Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 4

Well so far so good. I don't think I will win prizes for the most dedicated but I have made a positive start. I think just having to actually commit to recording what I eat makes me more aware  of what I am putting in my gob - and how much. Portion size is a biggie and I definately don't need as much as I have been eating.

Last night was dinner from the Glenfield night markets & I had much smaller portions than what I would usually have - although I am sure I still overate. Tonight is roast pork with roasted baby carrots & beets, I will do potatoes for the others & maybe a bit of kumara for me.

I am back at work today, I & G are away so I have to provide my own lunch & snacks for 3 days, easy to keep on track although when they get back it will just be salads etc for lunch anyway, I will need to watch portion sizes but that is about it.

Samyson has completed week 1 of CCMT Emerging Talent, loves it & seems to be getting heaps out of it. They have open mic night tomorrow where the students can perform a song, dance or monologue in front of the other students, the tutors & the parents. Samyson is doing Christina Aguilera's Bound to You - I am looking forward to it.

Siobhan & I got to spend the week together last week, it was nice hanging out with just the 2 of us, we had a couple of days where we were quite busy & a couple just blobbing at home, we did baking, went to lunch, went shopping (including the dreaded bra shopping).

I got stuck into work this morning but have to confess to waning a little this afternoon, typically the weather is gorgeous today & I am stuck in the office. Oh well best get back to is.


20 to go! said...

great start! As a much teacher I am a little bit excited for Samyson! How awesome! Tell him to break a leg!

Anne said...

Keep up the good work!

It is exciting for Samyson.

Also lovely that you and your girl got to spend time together one on one:-)