Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My My Here We Go Again

Well, after Samyson doing 3 shows back to back in the first half of the year, which was all good in theory until closer to the show times and everyone wanted extra rehearsals, plus he was working in the school theatre as a technician, he decided that the second half of the year he would not do any major shows.

Time to relax, hang out with his friends etc etc. Maybe take a couple of short classes in different subjects.

He has been wanting a change from childrens theatre and now that he is 16, this is the minimum age for most "grown up" shows so, when the audition call came for Mamma Mia, he figured he would audition, a good way to get experience in doing auditions and getting his name and face out there etc.

The ensemble cast called for males & females in their 20's who could sing and dance - of course.

So, he emailed them for an audition time, attended the dance workshop, turned up to the dance audition on Saturday, made it through to the last group. Saturday afternoon back for vocal audition - they gave him an instant call back!!!

Sunday he goes to call backs, I am watching the other auditions/candidates whatever they are called file in, compared to most of them, Samyson looks pretty young as they are all in their 20's and next to them he does look his age. Also - he doesn't exactly resemble the tanned greek god :-)

On Monday I get a text asking me to call him - he was still at school so I wondered what trouble he had caused.

He had just had a call from the director - he was in!!!

He is now an ensemble cast member of Auckland Music Theatres show Mamma Mia.

It is not until March but the rehearsals start in the next few weeks, according to the audition information, rehearsals are Monday to Thursday 7-10pm and Sunday 11am to 5pm. So much for a quite half of the year.

I am extremely proud of him but am a bit worried about the workload, he has NCEA this year, plus he is doing Green Door Theatre until the end of the year and also agreed to help out with the Funky Feet show in October. Oh and his Trinity musical Theatre exams.


Chris H said...

Wow that boy of yours is going places! How wonderful that he was accepted into Mamma Mia! even though he is still quite young compared to the rest of the cast.
I hope he can handle the work load of all his musical commitments AND do his school work too.
Only time will tell I suppose, and you will be there to see he is doing the important stuff first... whatever that is!
You have every right to be proud of him.

Chris H said...

YOU need to blog more. That. Is. All. lol

Kate said...

That is so exciting!! Well done to him :)