Sunday, June 20, 2010

NYTC Showcase

What a fantastic show!!!

It blows my mind how talented these kids are. Even heavy metal loving - showtune hating Gary loved it!!

Although Samyson did not have a full solo the bit he did have in one song he did really well but every single act was just fantastic.

There is a musical called 13 which the one of the songs Samyson did is out of, he bought the album off i-tunes yesterday & played it non stop, he is hoping NYTC will do t his show (which Joe the CEO suggested they might). Not sure how it will translate from 13 13 year olds in New York using a cast of 200 from 7-21.

Next show is Seussical & I really hope Samyson get a lead in this one, the first time he did an NYTC show it was this one so it will be nice to have a bigger role this time. Siobhan is also looking forward to it and hopefully we can resurrect lots of the props so not too much to recreate for us in props :-)

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet, managed to get to Yoga yesterday so felt heaps better but am sore today. We go to Paihia on Saturday for a week so I have a million things to do to get ready.


Chris H said...

Hee hee! You need to proof read this post....
I am sure you are NOT going to Paihia for a wee! If you ARE... well all I can say is,,, it's a LONG WAY to go for a wee!

Tracy said...

Chris H - Thank you for that, it more haste less speed, I am now going to Paihia for a week and not just a wee :-)

Anne said...

Samyson is doing well! It's great for kids to have hobbies and interests, I'm sure it keeps them out of trouble later on:-)

Enjoy your time in Pahia.