Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pizza IS dinner

One of my favourite things is homemade pizza but whenever I suggest it for dinner Gary reckons it is not "proper" dinner. A couple of weeks ago another blogger wrote about how she loves homemade pizza and posted pictures & so I was dying to have one myself (hmm the power of suggestion, is it any wonder I am fat??).

Anyway, after the school disco the other night Gary & the kids had fish & chips, I came home & made my pizza & despite not getting to eat it until 9.30pm, it was delicious. Earlier this week they all wanted sausages which I hate, so I made another pizza.

This morning, Gary suggests we have homemade pizza for tea - umm hello, why is it not considered "dinner" when I suggest it but it is when you do?? Anyway, I went this morning before work & got pizza bases & toppings before he could change his mind.

Now all I have to do is convince him that toasted sandwiches or soup are in fact meals and are acceptable for dinner.

Anyway, busy weekend, NYTC Showcase tomorrow so Samyson off to rehearsal 7.30 to 9.30 tonight, dress rehearsal sometime tomorrow morning then a show at 1.30 & another at 7.30.

Thankfully it is at the Pumphouse in Takapuna so not far to go.

Sunday I am going to Yoga & bugger anyone else.


Chris H said...

In THIS house... if I dish it up at dinner time.. it is DINNER! And it could be :
- soup
- pizza
- meat and veges
- ice cream and fruit
- chips and bread with sauce
- pikelets and jam!

YOU NAME IT.... if it's food...and it's in front of you at 6.30 PM... it's dinner!

No one messes with me! LOL *smiles*

Ute said...

Not proper!?????

If it fills a hole, it's a meal!

So, did you try out the potato pizza? ;o)

Anne said...

Dinner takes various forms here, especially weekend dinners!!

Anne said...

Should add to the above, Peter was very much a meat and three veges man, now eats anything I dish up.