Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dinner at tribeca

Fridays dinner was, as usual for Tribeca, absolutely divine.

We arrived and had pre dinner drinks, a beautiful chardonnay for me & a beer for Gary. Next came bread & dips (and some more of the chardonnay). Mark the owner has picked a few wines he thought Ian would like but he did not include a merlot so when Gary said he would like a merlot, Mojo the waiter went & got one which was absolutely fantastic, so much so, Ian & Paul swapped to that also. Poor Gary nearly fell off his seat when Ian asked how much it was & was told $ 70!!!! We went through at least 2 of them.

The food was great, we all played a bit of swapsies so we got to try each others meals. I was so full I actually could not finish my desert (chocolate fondant). One of the highlights was the cauliflower soup which was give an an amuse bouche between the entree and main, it was like velvet.

All in all a fantastic "family" meal out and it was nice that Martins son Adam came along too.

For a special night out this is the place to go. Great food, great wine (not all at $ 70 per bottle I hasten to add), and great service and atmosphere.


Anne said...

Sounds lovely, it's great to go somewhere special for dinner:-)

Chris H said...

OOO that soup sounds yum.. I love cauliflower cheese.... so a soup would no doubt be lovely too.