Thursday, August 12, 2010

When will it stop

The last few weeks seem to have been a constant round of drama (orientation, rehearsals & audition) plus School (parent info nights, visits, enrolments parent teacher interviews x2).

Samyson is going to Glenfield College next year, we had pretty much decided he would anyway but he was making noises at one stage about Westlake even though we are out of zone. As it turns out, the week we were in Paihia we missed the info nights for Westlake & one of the others he was considering, however once we went to Glenfield he seemed keen and moreso after the school tour.

Samyson was sick yesterday, he came to work with me but after throwing up twice I took him home, I don't know what caused it but he was a s good as gold this morning, in fact he was a fair bit better by last night.

Siobhan had netball on Tuesday, because it was a 5pm game I could not go and according to Gary she was brilliant, best game he saw her play. A few of the parents also commented to him - typical when I go to watch she doesn't play that well. She now thinks that she wants to do the netball program in the school holidays instead of All Stars. Having said that, the way the funds are at the moment, they will be doing the 2 day Caz Camp & nothing else, All Stars is $ 200 each & netball $ 150 plus the $ 170 for the 2 of them to camp. - none of which I have at the moment. Plus the $ 400 I need to finish paying for Ski Camp for Samyson. In my next life I am having cats not kids - they have to be cheaper.

Tonight we are off to Tibeca for dinner, Martin is organising it to celebrate the acceptance of the financial proposal to creditors being accepted. Good excuse for a flash meal out anyway.

A weekend of rehearsals & housework, will the fun never end.

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