Thursday, July 29, 2010

Food Show

Gary & I went to the Food Show yesterday, I love going to the preview day, there are less people there so we get to try everything without getting pushed & shoved & the Exhibitors have more time to talk to individual people.

As usual we spent too much money but we got some yummy cheeses, dips, chilli sauce for africa including one with the rather disturbing name "Bhutt Burner", definately not one I will be trying.

Friends for dinner tomorrow so we will be able to sample the wares, Gary is going to spit roast but I am not sure how that will work because it is orientation for Seussical from about 1-4 and he wants to go to the swap meet at Waikaraka Park plus Samyson wants to go to the college for a look around, also from 1-4, not sure how that is all going to work.

We had Siobhans teacher parent interview last night, she is doing really well at school and they are confident she will be ready for intermediate next year (I wasn't). We have some stuff to work on at home so I will make sure I do some with her each night.

Samysons interview next week, that will be interesting because a bit of the old attitude had started to slip in last time so hopefully he has knocked that on the head.

Prawn curry for tea tonight, I have been looking forward to this for ages, I don't care what everyone else wants, if they don't like it they can have a sandwich as far as I am concerned.

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