Sunday, July 11, 2010

I have a teenager

Last Thursday Samyson turned 13 - how the hell did that happen. I now have an official teenager!! I am sure I am waaay to young.

First week of the school holidays (although it was week 2 for us since they had an extra week when we were in Paihia). Monday & Tuesday both kids were at Camp Maynard with Carolann, a friend who runs a kids holiday camp there. They get dropped off 9am on Monday & picked up again 6pm on Tuesday. Samyson and Carolanns daughter Taryn are team leaders since they are year 8's. If they keep it up, in a year or so they will be able to actually take some of the activities.

Siobhan had a ball, apparantly lost the plot a bit on day 2 as she does when she is sleep deprived. Wednesday to Friday they were at work with me so they got to watch DVD's and stuff envelopes.

Today Samyson is at home & Siobhan next door at Laura's hanging out with Khan. Apparantly he was a bit bored last week at home so was happy to have some company.

Khan came over yesterday & hung out for a while then Taryn & Jayden came down while Mike went to pick Carolann up from scrapbook camp (she runs this a couple of days after the kids camp). There were 5 kids running around outside playing some sort of game that involved shooting each other & yelling - a lot. Probably drove the neighbours nuts but at least they were outside in the fresh air. When Mike & Carolann got home we went to their place for a drink & ended up staying for dinner of leftover roast lamb, veges & cheesecake from camp, fantastic, I didn't have to cook.

The rest of the week the kids are at NYTC All Stars Holiday programme so they have been practicing their audition pieces, Siobhan in particular has put a lot of time & effort into hers. Hopefully it will make the final cut into the show.

Having spent the last 3 or 4 hours trying to fix the friggin computer at work & download my upgrades, I have had enough & am going to knock off early.

Good night.


Chris H said...

I remember when my first became a teenager... she's now 31!!!! Eeee gads, I AM OLD. lol

To Band or not To Band? said...

Thanks so much for your comment Tracy! And u r definitely right! It is just a tool.

And don't stress about being too young to be the Mum of a teenager! I have a work collegue who is 39. I assumed that he was married. The other day, he invited me over and brought with him his granddaughter, who is 6!!