Monday, July 19, 2010

What I learnt this weekend

1) When you decide to let your 10 & 13 year old have some responsibility & let them go to McDonalds and the supermarket by themselves - do not then sit down & watch a documentary on the Crime channel about a woman who sent her kids to the beach and they never returned & no bodies have been found. This is NOT comforting.
2) When you decide to have something to eat to take your mind of 1 above, do not sit in front of the next thrilling programme on the Crime channel - crime scene clean up - first job off the blocks a "trash" house. Just in case you could not clearly SEE the disgusting putrid mess, they describe it all for you as well - good for the diet that one.

From now on - it is the Food Channel for me.

In other news, Allstars went really well, Samyson sung well & Siobhans poem about socks was included so she got to do her first ever complete solo on stage, I was so proud of her, especially since the day before the auditions she was in tears because she couldn't do the poem and use the socks she had for props right (I have no idea what the issue was but it stressed her out). Both shows she managed to pull it altogether props and all.

Samyson got his school report, I am not that pleased, too many c's for my liking particularly in the effort, he is at expected level for most of his subjects but if he puts in more effort, he can do better. Being in the accelerant class the level expected is higher than other year 8's but he knew that. He of course does not think it is that bad, because C is satisfactory. That's not good enough in my book so I forsee some battles.

Siobhan had a math test yesterday & said she found it really hard so off to practice times tables each night before bed.

Finally, my spectacular parenting: Put the kids to bed last night at 8 & said they could read for half an hour or in Samysons case, watch a DVD. At 9.30 he came out & asked if I had forgotten them as Siobhan was still reading & his movie had finished - oops. Talk about out of sight out of mind.


Anne said...

They say you learn something every day! You are doing more than that!

Would love to see photos of your kids...

To Band or not To Band? said...

SO funny that you forgot your kids! I love that story and they won't let you live it down!

Kat said...

That's so funny you put them to bed and forgot! I have forgotten I had heard there was a snow day...until they came back frozen from the bus stop... :) At my sister's house, the tooth fairy forgot to stop...stupid tooth fairy :)