Saturday, July 3, 2010

back to the rea; world

We are back from Paihia - what a week. We have been parasailing 1200ft in the air - what a feeling especially considering the 4 of us hate heights. A dolphin cruise where they guarantee if you do not see dolphins you get a voucher to redo the trip - we didn't see any so we can go back again.

Last night we went on Darryls Dinner Cruise - fantastic fun & a good feed.

I love our family holidays, it provides an opportunity for us to all spend some time together & have a great time, I don't think I have laughed so much in ages, we struck a balance of doing stuff & just chilling.

We did a couple of big walks, Wairere Boulders & then the next day a 10k trip arund the Hururu Falls, that was a doozy, Gary's knee was killing him & my left calf & right hip are suffering but we all felt great after it.

Back to work on Monday, plus it is school holidays so it is full on for a couple of weeks.


Chris H said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday.
We have been to Hururu Falls too, but didn't do the walk.

Anne said...

We're looking forward to our time up there later this week. It's a beautiful place, don't thnk I will be doing any parasailing though.

Chris H said...

Correct about how he won the ball.... see... Diet Coke is good for you! LOL

Chris H said...

Ha Ha.. I am SURE I don't snore! Cheeky tart!