Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Home for a holiday

I am off to Christchurch tomorrow to stay with my parents for a week.

Gary is going to be looking after the kids YAY!!!!

I am looking forward to the break although I don't know why but visiting with Mum & Dad always makes me feel like a kid again. Siobhan has already had tears this morning because she will miss me.

Hopefully I can get a bit of computer time otherwise I am going to have a heap of blogs (and TV shows) to catch up on when I get back.


Ute said...

Have fun!

The blogs and tv will be there when you get back. ;o)

Anne said...

Lovely to be able to spend time with your mum & Dad, enjoy:-)

Rachel said...

A week with the 'oldies'? NICE!

Hope you get spoilt!

Chris H said...

I hope you enjoy your break and the kids will be fine without you!

Cinders said...

Hi Tracy. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving that link :) Have a nice break.