Sunday, November 28, 2010

Show Week

Another Show Week begins, Seussical is the show and we are in theatre from today.  Busy week for the kids (and me) with dress rehearsals, technical rehearsals and about 8 shows to perform.

Had a great weekend, the kids had rehearsals Saturday & Sunday afternoon so Gary & I managed to get some Christmas shopping done and we FINALLY put in the applications to join the RSA and lay byed Samysons school uniform for next year.

Today I emailed Siobhans birth certificate to the intermediate because we lost her old one & they can't complete her enrolment if they don't have one. I phoned & courts & finally paid my parking fine. During the weekend I will sit down & work out what final bits of Christmas shopping we need to do and hopefully finish it in the next couple of weeks AND get the stuff wrapped.

We have to get all the camping gear out & check it all and make sure it is all OK & pack it into the trailer, need to decide what we are having for Christmas lunch with the Kemps & plan the shopping cooking etc.

Hmm only minor panics, I guess I had better make a nice big list of stuff to get on & attack it.

Gary just phoned to say the vacuum cleaner packed up & he can't fix it - oh crap, I can't afford to buy another one - see above Christmas presents, school uniform & parking fine!!!!!!!

Oh well.

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