Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I gave the scales away!

Well, sort of, Samyson's friend wanted to borrow them, I did explain to her that they were lying bastards and could be very cruel at times :-). I will get them back hopefully this weekend so I can delude myself for a few more days.

Considering we had 2 short weeks in a row, not much to report, it has been so hot I can't be arsed doing anything much. I planned to do some more decluttering, sorting paperwork & cleaning cupboards but it is just too damn hot to do anything except sweat.

Gary was in Palmy last weekend so the kids & I went to Mexicali then to Myann(?), it is a dessert place, VERY expensive & very decadent but nice. Then on Monday I picked Gary up from the airport and we ended up at Wagamama in Sylvia Park, very tasty, and huge meals, next time we will just share a ramen and some endamame beans.

Siobhan has been back & school & despite having to change the subjects she wanted to do (although she is still doing photography), she is enjoying it all heaps - well as much as a teenager likes school.

Tuesday night was Siobhan's birthday, she didn't know where she wanted to go for dinner so we ended up at the local pub, the Postman's Leg. It is really nice (not cheap but not stupid). Gary & Samyson got rather drunk & we ended up with stupid amounts of food, they gave us a complimentary wedges then because the boys had ordered 2 jugs of beer, it came with a free garlic bread! I ate my main meal, one piece of garlic bread and 2 wedges so quite proud of that restraint.

Mum is doing OK, her radiation/chemo has finished and she has the surgeon appointment early March and then she will get her date for surgery & a bit more info about what to expect etc. Her & Dad are in good spirits as far as I can tell, but then that is usual for them, they won't dwell on it with us or worry us. She has been really tired which is one of the side effects, she also has to be careful as to what she eats - very little fibre allowed :-)


#fatfreefloozy said...

I get so jealous of all the eating places you have around you!! Wagamamas sounds so good! I love Japanese, but my closest Japanese restaurant is 600kms away!

Chubbymum said...

I agree with fatfreefloozy a little jealous of all the eating places you have around you too. Sorry been MIA lately. I need to kick my own butt.

Gemma Jordan said...

MMMMMMM Wagamamas, Very very expensive but worth every penny :) x

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Chubbymum said...

Hey girl come join me for a walk. You going to do a post? Hugggggs

Chubbymum said...