Saturday, January 30, 2016

Nothing to See Here Folks

Soooo, the whole losing weight thing, not going so well, pretty much no change, one day I am down over a kilo then the next day, to be fair, it is my own fault plus PMS so not too down on myself (much).

We had a really good weekend last week, spent some real family time together which was nice. Saturday we all went to Murder Burger in Ponsonby for lunch - excellent burgers. Samyson wanted to go to Ben & Jerry's for ice cream, we wandered down there and it was packed, also, it was $ 5.90 for ONE scoop!!! On the way back to the car we realised we had been right next door to Dessert Dojo so we got ice cream and photos from the photo booth for $ 3.90 per scoop - which is still expensive but better than the other. It was actually the first time we have ever had photos as a family in a photo booth.

Sunday, Samyson was meeting a friend at Silo Park for lunch and so Gary Siobhan & I dropped him off, wandered around the market and then went to Lawdy Miss Clawdy's for lunch - great cajun food.

Monday, after work we all went to the beach at Browns Bay for a swim, the water was so so warm. It was so much fun, and we literally laughed the whole time. Then fish & chips for dinner.

With the kids getting older and with Samyson in particular being out so much we don't get to do as much as we used to. I do like the fact that the kids never went through that "Oh My God I can't be seen with my parents" phase.

It is a long weekend in Auckland this weekend and the weather is so hot (they keep telling us it is going to rain and there will be thunder & lightning - still waiting. Siobhan & I did the grocery shopping yesterday, it is our Saturday tradition and she insists on coming because she says it is our "bonding time", plus we get a treat to share at Farro which I suspect is part of her motivation.

Not sure what today holds, Samyson is out & Gary & Siobhan are still in bed.

Hmmm, burgers, ice cream, cajun food, fish & chips & "treats" from Farro - gee wonder why I can't lose weight haha.


#fatfreefloozy said...

I am sooooo glad that there is no New Zealand ice cream or Ben Jerry's in my town! It's the only way I'm not eating it EVERY day!

Chris H said...

Sounds lovely! Another long weekend ahead too... hopefully we do something nice like you guys did... and it better involve ICE CREAM! Movenpik me thinks. lol
Weight... I've decided to put that issue on hold till I'm coping betting with other shit.

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