Monday, January 11, 2016

100g - really???

So weigh in day - a paltry 100g. Not overly amused, I wasn't expecting a huge drop but that was pathetic. Having said that, I have cheated & weighed myself the last few days and it is looking much better.

Started our walking around the block again last night, after 2 1/2 weeks off it wasn't as bad as I expected.

 Yesterday was my friend's Mum's funeral, not a happy occasion, her Dad died just before Christmas and so it was a huge shock that her Mum passed less than 3 weeks later. They were such a close couple, she had a heart attack, broken heart syndrome.

Also back to work yesterday, busy but glad to be back :-).


Chris H said...

How sad about your friend's parents. That must be hard on her and the family.
I hope work wasn't to onerous. Enjoy the weekend.
A loss is a loss, and all that jazz.

Chubbymum said...

Well done Tracy on the loss. I agree with Chris a loss is a loss babe. Hope all is going well with you?

#fatfreefloozy said...

Yep! Take 100g! It's the right direction and that's all the matters really. Broken Heart syndrome really does exist, I'm sure of it!!!!!!!!!! Poor thing!