Saturday, September 4, 2010


Well today has been interesting.

I woke up at just before 7am hearing a text on my phone - seriously who the hell sends me a tect at that time on a Saturday. Turns out it was Ian, my boss - telling me there was an earthquake in Christchurch & that Rosinsa place was a mess. I jumped onto the internet & realised it was not good.

Tried to call Mum & Dad, Dad's cell went to answerphone, tried Mum (don't know why she never has it on), sent a text. No reply.

The bloody earthquake was reported as a 7.4 - I work in insurance - that is NOT GOOD!!!!!

Finally had a text from Dad, they are OK, no damage except a bit of porcelain. Suggested he not go to golf & Mum not go to work - the reply ... "get real".

Phoned them and sounds like they were really lucky. They have power & phone, a couple of minor ornaments broken, Don & Sancho & King Tut are all OK (they are the expensive ones). Told Mum NOT to go to work, Civil Defence were telling people to stay home & the people she works for treat the staff like crap at the best of times and she is too old to be going in there picking stock up off the floor & resiting shelving.

Watching the news on TV and it was completely devastating. Ian managed to get hold of the Ovendens (cracks in walls & chimney destroyed in Tai Tapu) and the Prestidges in Darfield - they live at the epi centre but all Bruce had was a few cracked tiles!! We have let the EQC & the insurance companies know & convinced Rosina to stay at home & keep it secure.

Texted Stephan & Paul, both OK, Gary rang Stephan later & all they had was a couple of pictures down, Paul had no damage.

Watching it all unfold over the day our families were so lucky, I am so grateful but really feel for those who have suffered so much loss and destruction. Watching the news the property damage I can cope with but I get a bit teary watching the personal stories.

End of day - Mum did not go to work (and her Boss actually phoned to check they were OK & will get his son to make sure shop all OK before she has to go back to work), Dad played golf - had to go to the local pub for the after match drink because the clubhouse was closed - can't keep a good golfer down.

The kids are taking it OK, Siobhan wants to ring Bayley & Michaela tomorrow to make sure they are OK, as far as I know they are with Kim over the weekend so I will give Paul a call tomorrow to see when the kids can talk to them.


Ute said...

Totally amazing to hear that no one, well at least not reported as yet, was killed.

So glad you are Ok, and your family.

Anne said...

Pleased to hear all your family are ok. Unreal - you never expect it will happen to anyone you know.