Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lady gaga is in the house!!

Last night was the Glenfield Intermediate School talent contest.

Samyson was in a lyp sync group with 3 others. They were doing the Lady gaga/Beyonce song Telephone.

I know he put a fair bit of effort into it especially his costume because it was an expensive trip to Save Mart.

He was also MC for the night with 2 other girls. so his act was last.

Anyway, cue music and then onstage comes my son dressed in platform boots, leopard skin tights a fur top & hat completed with a blond wig. It was a fantastic performance he worked the stage & the room (even going off the stage and playing up to the judges) everyone cheered when they finished.

He stayed in character for the final MC part then the judges came back with their decision - HE WON!!!!! You should have seen the look on his face, talk about shock, he did not think he could because he was also MC and only entered as a bit of a laugh.

Unfortunately I do not have any photos so I have asked him to get some of his friends to email some to him.


Rachel said...

Congrats to Samyson on winning the talent contest, it sounds like he put in a huge effort.

Anne said...

Congrats!!! Would love to see some photos!