Thursday, February 21, 2013

Friday at last

Yay, it's Friday. I was up earlyish to do this mornings workout, I actually did the Thursday one because I slept in yesterday and did not get home until 11.45 pm last night.

Siobhan & I went to the movies and ended up at St Lukes for dinner - yikes NOT in the original plan. I bypassed the chinese buffet, the KFC and the noodles & settled for okonimiyaki - what a disappointment! It used to be full of cabbage & carrot held together with egg & topped with a bit of teriyaki chicken, now it is a big pile of scrambled egg with a hint of veges. I didn't finish it.

The one thing I was worried about on the 12wbt is that I would be hungry all the time and that I would be craving wine, chocolate, and pretty much everything else but I haven't. The food is great, different & tasty, easy to swap recipes on different nights and the longer I am on it the more recipes I get to swap around. Apparantly there are also Michelle Bridges cookbooks, I haven't looked for them yet. Because we are in NZ we don't get the discounts available on her website as they do not deliver to us - didn't find THAT out until after I signed up. The Healthy Food Guide magazine has the calorie count on it's meals so I can always incorporate some of them.

Last night before the movie Siobhan & I were in the supermarket getting her some lollies, I stood looking at the chocolate thinking I would have a small treat, I realised, I didn't want to - THAT for me is amazing, I just didn't feel like anything and so chose to go without AND it felt like an easy decision.

Gary & Samyson went to Linkin Park last night so by the time our movie finished, we picked them up, stoppped at McDonalds (for them not me) it was 11.45 when we got home, made getting up this morning hard but I knew I would regret it if I didn't, I felt bad enough missing yesterdays - I can't believe this is only the second week!!! Long may it last :-)

Tomorrow is the SSS (I forget what that stands for), a killer workout I have to somehow fit in between all the usual running around I do. This week I have to have Samyson in Orewa by 9.30ish for the auditions of a new show/theatre group so I guess it will be another early start. Must go & have a look at what I actually have to do.

Ciao & have an awesome weekend.

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Chris H said...

Sure sounds like you are on the right track, well done on your choices and refusal to waiver with chocolate right in front of you!
I hope Samyson does well in the audition.