Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's been a while!!

Well I have been the worlds worst blogger :-)

Forgive me blog world for it has been over 12 months since my last post.

Sooo, what am I up to?? Well - I am into week 2 of Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation.

Well I am 5'2" and almost 90 kilos - how the hell did that happen?? Ok well actually I know how that happened - too much food & alcohol & bugger all exercise.

It all started with a fairly innocent request from a friend on Facebook for a heart rate monitor. Turned out her & her daughters were doing the course, a couple of questions about it from a few of us and a look at the website (link generously supplied - Thanks T), nek minnit there are 13 of us and a new Facebook group is born.

Basically it is an online programme whereby you pay $ 199 (weekly payment options available) to be provided with exercise and nutrition plans each week for 12 weeks, plus associated recipes. There are also weekly challenges and motivation videos from Michelle herself plus helpful hints & tips.

The workouts can be done at home, at the gym or outdoors and you can either follow a video or work to a list of exercises.

So far I have lost between 2.2 & 3.3 kg depending on which reading you take from my crap scales.

I have done the exercise everyday apart from yesterday as I have buggered my calf muscle and could barely walk on Monday. Got back into it today but taking it a bit easier on anything that will aggravate the calf so addd some upper body toning to this mornings workout.

Food is good, lots of variety and all so far pretty tasty, can modify to suit tastes & circumstances.

Having a group of us doing it is really good because we all support each other.

So for a while at least, this may be a weight loss/exercise blog just so I have a record of how I am doing.


Chris H said...

I hope it goes well Tracy.
No matter how we go about it, if we are eating in a healthy way it must work.
Well... that's what I'm counting on! Bring on March 9th for my first weigh in!

twenty kilos to go said...

I love the 12wbt! I lost 12 kilos last time I did it and have kept lots of habits in place. Good luck and great to hear from you!