Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 3!!

It is the beginning of week 3. I have never stuck to a diet/exercise regime for this long in maybe 10 years. The getting up early to do the workouts is hard but I have made myself do it.

Foodwise, I had a few small spoonfuls of Siobhans ice cream on Sunday & I had a glass of wine on Saturday night. I am really enjoying the food on the programme, it is tasty, varied, easy & quick to prepare and most importantly no difficult specialty ingrediants - although this week does call for kangaroo mince which I haven't been able to find so it looks like I will have to substitute that one which is a shame.

I have just found out my brother in law & his girlfriend are coming to stay next weekend - for 5 nights!!!! They are "simple" eaters, meat & 3 veg, nothing "fancy" or "weird". I think I will just cook for them & cook mine seperately. They will hopefully sleep late enough that I can get up & do my workouts without them seeing or hearing, it is embarrassing enough when Gary or the kids witness it.

It is all about facing challenges  so I shall just suck it up!


Jackie said...

Well done on your losses to date, and good for you getting up and moving :(, and how ridiculous not posting to NZ.

Lyn said...

Nice to find your blog ... good work on 3wks on plan ... yay go us!! Hope the visit goes well with your brother. :) and Great work on losses so far