Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day 2014

Today was possibly one of the best I can remember. After last years awful time (something had come up a few days before and threw us all for a loop, especially Gary who lost the plot).

This year everyone was happy, looking forward to the day and we were all super organised.We had been invited to the lovely Diet Coke Rocks for lunch but Gary & the kids wanted to have a quiet one with the 4 of us.

Usually kids are the first ones up, this year Gary came up at 7.30 and woke the kids up. Presents were opened and then it was a champagne breakfast with ham & cheese croissants.

Lunch was spit roasted lamb & pork, both from Pokeno, new potatoes, baby carrots and peas, endamame beans with feta & pinenuts and a lemon dressing - YUMM. Dessert (about 3 hours later), brownie, orange curd tarts, cream and salted caramel. Dinner was picking at the leftovers from lunch and last nights Malaysian takeout.

The kids found Gary's old slot car set so that got some air time, then a kite which Samyson attempted to fly up the middle of the road whilst dressed as an elf. Second slot car set didn't work so got disposed of. Family used my cleavage for target practice!!! We played "Battle of the Sexes" which is a really bad, completely unPC sexist board game, it was bloody hilarious. We laughed so much we had tears. A couple of movies, Quartet and I'll Be Home For Christmas ended a fantastic day.

After lunch we has a surprise visit from my friend Janet, she was working (district nurse) and dropped in some Christmas bunting she had made, all because I had mentioned that I really liked it when one of the committee Mums had put pictures of it on Facebook. It was such a surprise and lovely to see her too.

As it is now 12.30, I guess technically the day is over but I want to savour it for just a bit longer.


Janine said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic day. We are celebrating ours with my Family today.

Chris H said...

How did I miss that you had started blogging again! Pfffft.
Oh well... you are back on my radar now!
So glad you and the family had a wonderful Christmas Chick. Oh and HAPPY NEW YEAR tonight.