Thursday, December 18, 2014

It's Nearly Christmas

I have almost all my shopping done, literally 4 things left to get.
We went to Pokeno last weekend and got the pork and lamb.
Siobhan put the tree up Saturday.
Samyson did the rest of the decorations during the week.
I have a list of the last few bits to get food wise and will do a big wine shop at Pak n Save this weekend.
Need to send Val's Christmas card and a card to my parents and Pat with their Miller Rd candles.

The while family is in a good place at the moment and looking forward to Christmas.

School is finished for Samyson, he is now a uni student, he got accepted for discretionary entry to AUT to do a Bachelor of Business so he doesn't have to sit year 13. Solves one problem we though we would have next year and he is looking forward to it.

He got a small role in Bare and chorus for Sweeney Todd, I think he is a bit disappointed after being a lead in Next to Normal. Still, he is only young and to be honest, I don't think he put as much effort into his Sweeney Audition as he could have.

He is also in a charity fundraiser tonight, he was originally told he would have a solo and maybe a duet but it would seem everyone was made the same promise and are disappointed to find that it is not so.

Siobhan did really well this year, she came home with a number of certificates acknowledging her efforts in class which was a great boost for her confidence. After declaring that the Little Mermaid was to be her last NYTC show, she got invited to a couple of NYTC cast parties and as most of them are doing Seussical next year - she has decided she wants to do that one now too.

She has been great these holidays and done quote a bit of tidying and cleaning at home for me. She also came into work on Tuesday and did the Christmas cards and helped Ashley with the gift bags or baskets.

Both kids are at Takapuna Beach for an NYTC get together arranged by Chloe I think. Siobhan is loving getting invites to things and not just because Samyson is going. In fact one of the parties she went to, he wasn't even invited as he had not done the last couple of shows.

Work is busy, although to be fair, I don't have a lot to do at the moment, I am on top of everything so that it is clear for when I am away, 24th is my last day and back on 12 or 13 January. I am looking forward to the break and we plan on doing a few family orientated things, Gary wants to go to Rangitoto and we have a 5 course degustation at Number 5 on the 30th.

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