Monday, December 22, 2014

Not Much To Report

Only about half a day of work before I am on holiday.

Siobhan came to deliver one of the insurance company gifts this morning then I dropped her at the mall and she finished off our grocery shopping and walked home (it was only some peas, pine nuts and a couple of other things, not a whole trolley full). She decided she wants to make orange curd tarts for Christmas lunch dessert so she will do that tomorrow.

Fridays charity concert was fun, we had a laugh and Samyson's dancing in one of the songs was hilariously, there were 7 males and they were singing Jingle Bell Rock but totally camped it up. I think Gary just about wet himself.

Janet was telling us about Jesus Christ Superstar which was playing at the same venue, she had seen it and said it was good but it was too rocky for her, Gary said that sounds like it is just up his alley. He also said he had seen the advertising and thought it looked good (first I knew) - so $ 144 later we had tickets for the next night,  Saturday - which was closing night. OH MY God - what a show. we both LOVED it. It was fast, rocky and the energy was amazing. The only bit I didn't like was Madeline Sami as King Herod, it was Borat meets any one of her male characters and seemed to be more about her than the show, still, it was only 1 scene.

Gary finished work today and was going to finish his shopping this afternoon. Hopefully I can convince him and the kids to catch up on the washing & tidy the house tomorrow so I don't have to do anything when I get home.

We were generously invited to Chris H's house for Christmas lunch, I talked to Gary & the kids and they said that they were looking forward to a quiet Christmas day with just the 4 of us. Besides we had already bought most of the food. It was such a lovely offer and we were incredibly thankful.

I will hopefully post from home if I can work out how to do so on my laptop. I think I had logged in under the wrong name.

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